Remote Evaluation

Remote ADHD Testing Instructions

We are excited to offer our Comprehensive ADHD Evaluations remotely. You must have access to a computer to be able to complete the evaluation remotely.

Our remote evaluations are the same as our in office evaluations, except that they are done through a video conferencing platform. The evaluation consists of the following components:

  • Individuals complete the packet of forms prior to the evaluation and email them to us. 
  • On the day of the evaluation, you will take a continuous performance test (CPT)to assess your auditory and visual attention and processing. This will be done on your computer. 
  • Following the CPT, we will discuss your history, past and current challenges, and the symptoms you have been experiencing. 
  • Within 2 weeks (1 week for modified adult evaluations) you will receive your completed report by email. 
  • For all evaluations except modified adult evaluations, a follow up session in included to discuss the results and recommendations of the evaluation.


Computer Requirements:

  • Only the Chrome web browser can be used. It can be installed for free on either Windows or Mac PCs.
  • If using a laptop, you must use a wired or wireless mouse.  It is important that you NOT use a  laptop touchpad as a test input device.
  • If using a laptop, external speakers or headphones must be used. If a desktop is used, internal speakers are fine.
  • Adobe Flash player, download current version if you do not have it

Prepare for your scheduled appointment:

  • Complete the correct packet of forms on the ADHD Website.
  • Email completed packet of forms at least 24 hours prior to your evaluation.
  • Look for the email containing the link for your video appointment from SimplePractice and flag it for easy access for your appointment.

20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment:

  • Write down your remote code and password from your email.
  • Be sure you have a mouse if you are using a laptop, no track pad can be used.
  • Disable your Screensaver
  • Disable your Virus Scan
  • Put “do not disturb” mode on any email/text notifications that come on your computer.
  • Use the restroom if needed.
  • Place the “Testing-Do Not Disturb” sign on your door. Inform others in your house that you will be testing for approximately 1 hour.
  • Be sure any pets are outside the room and supervised so they do not disturb you.
  • Close all programs.

5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment:

  • Adjust your screen so your mouse and hand can be fully visible
  • Have your access code and user information in front of you.

For Children under 16:

  • Parents must enter the code
  • Sit behind your child, back and out of sight throughout the testing
  • Please do not make any noise, silence your cell phone including vibrations
  • Please do not speak to them, answer questions, or coach them in any way
  • Please do not correct off task behavior, or incorrect responses