Remote Evaluation

Remote ADHD Testing Instructions

We are excited to offer our Comprehensive ADHD Evaluations remotely throughout the state of California. You must have access to a computer to be able to complete the evaluation remotely.

Our remote evaluations are the same as our in office evaluations, except that they are done through a video conferencing platform. The evaluation consists of the following components:

  • Individuals complete the packet of forms prior to the evaluation and email or fax them to us. 
  • On the day of the evaluation, you will take a continuous performance test (CPT)to assess your auditory and visual attention and processing. This will be done on your computer but we will be doing it together during the evaluation. 
  • Following the CPT, we will discuss your history, past and current challenges, and the symptoms you have been experiencing. 
  • Within 2 weeks (1 week for modified adult evaluations) you will receive your completed report by email. 
  • For all evaluations except modified adult evaluations, a follow up session is included to discuss the results and recommendations of the evaluation.


Computer Requirements:

  • Only the Chrome web browser can be used. It can be installed for free on either Windows or Mac PCs. PLEASE UPDATE TO THE LATEST VERSION OF CHROME BEFORE THE EVALUATION.
  • If using a laptop, you must use a wired or wireless mouse.  It is important that you NOT use a  laptop touchpad as a test input device.
  • You may use internal speakers, external speakers or headphones.
  • Adobe Flash player, download current version if you do not have it

Prepare for your scheduled appointment:

  • Complete the correct packet of forms on the ADHD Website.
  • Email completed packet of forms at least 24 hours prior to your evaluation.
  • Look for the email containing the link for your video appointment from SimplePractice and flag it for easy access for your appointment.

20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment:

  • Write down your remote code and password from your email.
  • Be sure you have a mouse if you are using a laptop, no track pad can be used.
  • Disable your Screensaver
  • Disable your Virus Scan
  • Put “do not disturb” mode on any email/text notifications that come on your computer.
  • Use the restroom if needed.
  • Place the “Testing-Do Not Disturb” sign on your door. Inform others in your house that you will be testing for approximately 1 hour.
  • Be sure any pets are outside the room and supervised so they do not disturb you.
  • Close all programs.

5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment:

  • Adjust your screen so your mouse and hand can be fully visible
  • Have your access code and user information in front of you.

For Children under 16:

  • Parents must enter the code
  • Sit behind your child, back and out of sight throughout the testing
  • Please do not make any noise, silence your cell phone including vibrations
  • Please do not speak to them, answer questions, or coach them in any way
  • Please do not correct off task behavior, or incorrect responses