Fees and Insurance

Evaluation and Treatment

The ADHD Center does not accept any insurance directly. For your convenience, we accept Cash, Check, Debit Card, Zelle ([email protected]), Visa, Mastercard, Discover, HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Flexible Spending Account). If you choose to pay with a credit card, HSA or FSA, please be sure to complete the Credit Card Authorization FormWe will provide you with a Superbill once the evaluation is completed, which you may submit to your insurance for reimbursement. 


The ADHD Center does not accept any insurance directly. Some insurance providers consider us an “out of network” provider, and you may request a Superbill from us which you may submit on your own for reimbursement. Contact your insurance for more information on what they cover. We will provide CPT codes upon request. All fees are paid in full at the time of the evaluation by the client.


Option 1:

  • Our fee for a comprehensive ADHD Evaluation only is $1250

This includes a clinical interview, testing, ADHD self report forms, parent and teacher behavior rating scales, physician and teacher consult (for children), family/friend rating scales (for adults), written report, treatment recommendations and feedback session. 

Option 2 (our most popular option):

  • Our fee for a comprehensive ADHD Evaluation plus one of the following Executive Functioning OR Sensory Processing is $1395.

This includes all of Option 1 and a choice of either an Executive Functioning or Sensory Processing assessment.

Option 3:

  • Our fee for a Comprehensive ADHD Evaluation with Executive Functioning and Sensory Processing Assessments is $1550.

This includes all of Option 1 and both an Executive Functioning and Sensory Processing assessment. 

Option 4 (Adults Only):

  • Our fee for the Adults Only Evaluation is $895.
  • This is for adults who have often thought or wondered if they have ADHD but have never been formally assessed or diagnosed. Many times they realize this during the process of their child receiving a diagnosis, or encounter difficulties in their job or relationships after years of experiencing issues with focus, time management, procrastination, organizational issues or impulsivity.
  • This evaluation is similar to our comprehensive evaluation however the report is a brief summary (2-4 pages vs 8-15) which can be used to share with a provider for medication for ADHD.
  • This is intended for adults only and not for those looking for recommendations for high school/college.
  • This evaluation does not include a follow up session, however one can be scheduled at any time in the future for an additional fee.

To learn more about this option and whether it is the right one for you, please contact the center and speak with Dr. Rappaport.   

additional services

  • Our standard fee for an initial, new patient (60 minute intake session) is currently $450.
  • Our standard fee for an existing patient (45 minute session) is currently $250. Individuals who have had an evaluation at the ADHD Center for Success are considered “existing” patients.
  • Telephone consultations with other treating professionals such as teachers, physicians and other therapists will be billed at our usual hourly rate of $350. Consultations to schools requiring travel, including conferences, IEP/504 meetings and other services are not included in the above fees, and will be billed separately at $350 an hour, with additional cost for travel time.
  • Legal/Court related consultations and services are billed at $400 per hour. Depositions and court appearances are billed at $500 per hour (4 hour minimum).
  • Telephone Consultations that are brief and are used to transmit information, schedule appointments, etc., are not subject to charge.  More lengthy conversations, wherein advice is sought or therapeutic issues are discussed, may be billed at a percentage of our normal fee, based on the amount of time needed.  *Please note that insurance companies usually do not pay for telephone consultations and you will be responsible for any charges.
  • Missed Appointments or Late Cancellations are costly to the therapist and deny other individuals the opportunity to use that time.  Unless a true emergency exists, we require that all cancellations be made at least 24 hours in advance.  If you miss an appointment, or cancellations are not made in advance, you will be charged for that session.  Insurance companies do not pay for missed sessions…you will be completely responsible for that charge.

In the event that collection becomes necessary, all reasonable collection expenses, including collection agency and/or fees, will be charged to the patient’s account.

A $35 fee will be charged for a bounced check.  Payment in full, including this charge is expected within 5 days of notification or patient will be charged three times the actual amount of the check as allowed by law.

Insurance Coverage

The ADHD Center for Success is not a participating provider with any insurance panels, and does not bill insurance directly. Some medical insurance policies may provide benefits for counseling and evaluation, thus reducing the direct cost to you. This is often the case if your policy is a PPO which provides out of network benefits. If requested, the ADHD Center for Success will present you with a monthly statement that you may use for insurance billing purposes. Upon request, we can provide you with the CPT Codes which you can use to check with your insurance company to see how much they will pay for our services.

It is important to understand that all financial agreements are between you and your doctor, not between your doctor and your insurance company.  You are ultimately responsible for your bill.

Our office maintains complete financial records of all charges, and payments, and this information is available to you upon request. Your monthly statement will indicate only current charges and any outstanding balance on your account. Evaluations are paid in full at the initial meeting. For other services payment is due at the time of service.